A memoir written with full honesty. | Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra is a public figure across the globe for the self-made success. I have seen and admired PC’s works. But one of my preferred genres is memoirs and I love to get inspired by other people’s lives. But to be frank, I wasn’t really ready for PC’s memoir; even after all the mixed reviews that ‘Unfinished’ release. I chose this book, to come out my March reading slump and to be honest, the book succeeded to pull me through it. The book is note of incidences to the author’s life from childhood events, her teen as Army kid, the experiences of being transferred from cities and places, she, the author, tries to cover all the significant portions and events of her life. The audience might know her only as a global figure supporting girl education, UNICEF, Indian mainstream actress and through her diverse roles on screen. Unfinished gives us the backdrop of Priyanka Chopra’s growth and upbringing, her values and emotions attached and gained through her two totally diverse homes.

The book starts with an amazingly well penned emotional dedication to her late father that automatically connects the chords of the reader’s heart and grips the atmosphere of reading the book. This page, these words would stay with the readers prolonged. The events are sequentially presented and quite honestly portrayed. The actor-author maintains her firm roots to Indian culture, custom and tradition. I admire how Priyanka Chopra elaborates the typical Indian Designations of relatives and extended families. The titles of some chapters are totally ‘Desi’ . It’s something I really felt fresh and pure.
Priyanka brings out her entire childhood, her flaws and rebel are unforgettable experiences and her relationship with family especially her father. Like every other Indian girl, the author dealt her unbreakable relation and awe-inspiring connection with her father. Priyanka Chopra like many looked up to her father regarding the big and minute detailing of life- both professionally and personally. She becomes straightforward to put forward her personal learning’s inside a book, all front of the world. She becomes vocal about her though times of adjustments in foreign land, her teen mistakes and thought process, her vulnerabilities in her romantic relationships.
The most triggering and empowering parts of her journey were the parts about the time of Miss India Pageant, her life as a new comer to the Bollywood acting industry that is till date based and judged on physical appearances rather than talent. As I was reading through those lines, I was inspired by her punctuality and dedication towards her profession. Priyanka Chopra broke many stereotypes and female mainstream characters and showcased herself always bold and strong to the audience. The author roughly brushes upon the deep dark secrets of favoritism that lies underneath the shimmers and glamour’s of the industry.
A chapter purely dedicated to her father was something that touched my heart. I have always heard and watched her interviews talking slices about the father-daughter relationship that she shared with her parents in general. It’s almost impossible for a person to remember the glimpse of the grey shades of their lives to put into words with full respect and dignity. The chapter titled ‘Grief’ is really a heart wrenching part of the book not because Priyanka Chopra talks about the time of her father fighting with cancer and finally lose the battle against the same but she shares the aftermath of her father’s death. Her condition mentally and emotionally, her isolation, her exposure to the world after the brief recovery from the trauma and so on so forth.
Priyanka deals a next major portion about her destined meeting and interaction with her now husband Nick Jonas. The intimate interactions and the knowing of each other, their similarities how Priyanka ended up choosing Nick as her husband. She elaborates the beauty of diverse traditions and shares with the readers the divine fortune of experiencing marriages of two opposite traditions.
There’s quite an elaboration for her global and Indian fans. For example: there’s precisely a long stretching elaboration about her Indian movies, her observations and notable information regarding a particular movie and why it was hit or flop. Likewise, there’s a complete experience sharing about her foreign ventures and projects of it that actually started and major others.

The book is a light read that parallel provides information of both the worlds. The writing style is amateurish, I feel but overall I enjoyed the experience the book delivered me. This is not a formal writing. It’s like she’s written it in a podcast speaking for the world to hear.

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