Author Interview with Ashokan Srinivasan| A Maverick’s Musings

A Maverick Musing by Ashokan Srinivasan is a travelogue that remain awe-inspiring that cover varied varied experiences and learning from the travelled places. A beautiful impactful read awaits your time.

Here are the questions for the interview 

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers!

I was born and raised in Chennai. I did my graduation in Corporate Secretaryship from the University of Madras and started my career as a courier boy delivering letters earning โ‚น0.50 per letter. Later, I moved to a sales job selling space for an Industrial trade directory. As I was an introvert and a closed person, it didnโ€™t take me much time to realise I was not cut out for the job. My passion has always been for singing and acting. I always wanted to be an actor and even spent some time waiting outside production houses, all in vain. But destiny had other plans. With no support from family in choosing my career and heeding to their wishes, I had to join a Central Government job in Hyderabad where I still continue in the profession.

  • When did you start writing?

I used to write blogs earlier for a closed group of friends. But writing a book โ€“ this is the first time!

  •  What are the important elements of writing, according to you?

The most important element is that one should make a connect with the reader. The words should be triggering a relation with the reader.

  • When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to become an author and write a book?

When I was going through the pictures of my travels, I decided that I should arrange them coherently and should put across my thoughts in a readable form. The idea of writing a book came then!

  • Could you please present an insight of your book?

This book unveils my feelings, passions, and sentiments by looking back at the travels spread over twenty years. I have presented the reminiscence through a flight journey from Miami to New Delhi.

  • Tell us about your first published book journey.

When life took a bad turn, I had no option but to divert my thoughts and actions in a positive direction which would keep my canoe of life afloat. I banked heavily on travelling. I used to pen small write ups about the places I visited and post pictures in social media platforms. While I was quarantined for COVID infection, I started to read those write-ups to kill time. Eventually an idea started shaping up in my mind. I decided to arrange and coherently present my experiences and emotions attached to those travels. The result โ€“ A Maverickโ€™s Musings was born!

  • Do you read books? If yes, than which genre of books you admire the most?

My initial favourites were Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Michael Crichton, Mathew Reilly, Alistair Maclean, Irving Wallace, Ken Follet, Yendamuri Veerendranath and the likes. All these authors have told racy stories. Later, Thrillers are my favourites.

  • Whoโ€™s your favourite author?

I was deeply influenced by the works of Ayn Rand and her non-fiction books always had a strong influence on me.

  • Who’s your constant support throughout your writing journey and do you look up to someone?

My friends are my pillar of support and without them this work wouldnโ€™t have been possible.

  • Ever thought about been an author and how does it feel to see your name on a book?

I never thought of being an author and when I first saw my name on the book, it was a feeling of achievement and a great feeling of self-esteem.

  • Any learning experience while writing the book?

The most important thing is that I learnt to establish a connect with the reader; to think from the readerโ€™s point of view.

  • Who’s your favourite author and writer on any writing platform?

Like I said earlier, it is Ayn Rand.

  • What’s your take on contemporary writers and their fashion of writing?

Itโ€™s encouraging to see new writer come to the fore and it gives confidence for novices like me to take up to writing. They infuse a new point of view and a new story telling methodology.

  • According to you, How much importance does book promotions hold?

If writing is one level, promotion is definitely in a different level. The world doesnโ€™t know about a new author. It is the promotion which helps in making the author noticeable.

  • How do you manage your personal and professional life along with your writing passion?

My writing time is usually in the nights when there are none to disturb me. I try not to mingle my personal and professional life with the passion of writing. It is my secret to hold.

  • What’s your thought about reading ? How does reading impact your life?

Reading is very important which I feel the majority of the present generation seem to miss it. With google in the offing, people tend to find shortcuts to knowledge. Reading gives a deep insight and a view point from others perspective. It helps one to appreciate contradicting views.

  • What are your future plans? Are there new surprises stored for our readers?

I am working on a non-fiction at the moment and apart from that, I am even nurturing an idea to write a fiction. Hope they get materialised soon.

  • Lastly, would you like to share something to our readers?

Please continue reading and if there is something you feel that you should gift someone, please gift a book. In that way you are instrumental in sharing knowledge!

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