A warm read that enchanted your spirits. | Book Review on Rahguzar by Shreya Gupta

Tum bemukam nahi ho
Bas tumhari rah dusro se alag hai.

Shayri and Hindi poetry have been treasured by readers from time and now. Shreya Gupta’s collection of shayris is like that one understanding friend who pats your back and you’re free from burdens. Connected to the journey and experiences of life, these shayris are painted with words that rightfully phrased.

Covering varied aspects- from the nook and canny of life this is a noteworthy collection that talks about love, hope and basically everything the surrounds human emotions.

Kalam se bada koi hatiyaar nhi,
Shabdo se gehra koi vaar nhi.

Rahguzar is a reflection of the silent observation that Shreya sees and her pen writes. Shayris are pieces of unspoken words to those connection that fall shadowed in the crowd of literary works. Through Rahguzar, Shreya takes her readers to surprise on how she compiles together sharing the void space in reader’s incomplete heart.

Drawing similarities from characteristics of life, this book gives us a fresh outlook towards our thoughts and perspectives. Rahguzar is a potpourri of simplicity and rawness with easiest terms of language. Through these shayris, Shreya presents before readers a part of herself.

Seemingly enough, the author serves this book as a bridge to meet two ends of humans, his heart and mind. There’s a mild subtle way of expression that just adds glitters to this book. Though there are scopes of good editing this a book that persistently states with you.      

Get a copy of the book for yourself from the link below:

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