Book Review on Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale.

Yesterday night I finished Milk Teeth by Amrita Mahale and Iโ€™m jumping on my toes to explore Bombay vintages now that I’m here in my favorite city.

Milk Teeth portrays a captivating imagery of Bombay from the 90s through the ruining building of Matunga and its inhabitants. The building requires maintenance and residents revolt for a new building from the landlord.

The neighborhood of Asha Nivas, depicts a homely bond amongst the residents and the children are not lonely like todayโ€™s scenario.  The Kinis and Kamat are good family friends who practically started their major changes together. Kartik and Ira are their children respectively. Both share their childhood, youth and practically are together all their lives. This comfortable relationship gives way for a matrimony between the families, everyone is happy. This book is also about Kaiz, that brings changes of love, heartbreaks and differences between expectation and reality.
Through this book, the debutante author pens the striking, hard past of Bombay facing communal tensions in india after the Babri Masjid demonitions and and bombings at Dalal Street, the clumsy relationship between Hindus and Muslims that kept me hooked throughout its narration.

Ira and Kartik are individuals having a vague encounter with each other and their childhood shows us that. It is in their adulthood when they seek each otherโ€™s presence . There’s  a lot of Marathi neighborhood drama that unveils the domestic life of Matunga in general. The protagonists face challenges to deal with the indian parents mentality, where a boy occasionally goes to the terrace to meet his neighbor(Ira) or even for a smoke. The fathers remain the boss of the family, nodding seriously or sternly objecting views. On the other hand, Ira receives constant parental pressure and sometimes taunts for her marriage.

Bombay is a city of aspirations, busy people and their silent dreams. A city of aesthetic architecture with wholesome homely feels of assured acceptance. I could imagine the then streets crowded with people, the vehicles honking, time lapsing sooner than imagined and most importantly the people, a vibrant realistic portrayal of common man life expectations.

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