My room after packing was done.

People ask me about my originality. They ask me from where do I exactly belong from? And I impatiently reply I’m an Indian and belong to India.

But my question states at the same place that where do I originally belong or maybe isn’t being Indian an originality also. Can people have almost all parts of a country in themselves?

So, officially this is my last night in this room and obviously in Kanpur. I’m so sorry , didn’t mention where im shifting to, I’m moving to Bombay “Sapnon ki Nagri” as they say.

Shifting and transferring to a new city after 2-3years is pretty umm.. hectic. It feels like starting a household all over again. For me, it’s like facing life again because it always been a drill- new house, admissions in school, new school, new teachers, new classmates. I have totally had it all.

Let me tell you a secret, when I was young and even I this house in the above picture is not organised by me. NEVER. It’s always set by my parents. I never had a chance to recreate my room.

Coming to my room, it’s always been precious. ALWAYS . That’s the only place in the world where I can be me. Watch anything, read anything. I mad sure that every night would be a weekend’s night. I enjoyed watching sketches, listening to music and sometimes study.

This is the same room from where I graduated my 12th grade. This is the same room, that saw my firsts of my social life- first Facebook, first time opening my Instagram writing page or even for that matter my blog. This room has also given me my firsts as an amateur author- my first Anthology as a compiler and a co-author, my debut book. It had lend me the wings to fly.

Long right? Look.. there’s no chapter related to it, right? Let’s continue…

What I never recieved from any of my houses for that matter was a little nook for my restlessness, for my anger.

My living room when packing was done

With that, I remember how I used to stuff my boundless thick notebooks, my school textbooks of every class and grade, I swear.

So, with the students life in my cupboard, I had no space for my books: novels, epic stories, short ones etc.

I don’t know how many times I would shift next. I don’t know when this nomadic life ends.

But what I pray now is a little space for me, a little space for my books and I love and I little space for my life.

So here I’m, signing off from another city- Kanpur Uttar Pradesh to another city to spread the wings again!

Published by Bookalicious.sapien

A computer student by profession who seeks solace in the words of the turning pages or the life she feels inspired by. Writer|Blogger|Dreamer.

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