Some story need a happy ending at the end. | Why did she stay? By Sneha Satheendran

Some stories need a happy ending.

Why did she stay? is a story of woman’s growth through the darkest days of her life. Meera, the protagonist story tells us that marriage is not always a rosy affair.

The book is about coming out of negative around and growing with prestige, victory over not losing yourself for anyone may it be your fiance.

Like I said, marriages or relationship is not a rosy affair. A dreamlike love life is broken into pieces when Meera learns thew deepest fat secrets about her fiance Aditya Dhanraj.

Two months into engagement, the couple shift to Bangalore to start their new life together but fate had decided something else.
Meera witnesses different behavioral changes in Aditya when she talks about the past with their exs.

Aditya leaves no chance hurting Meera, hitting her and griping her like the boss of her life. At events of gatherings, Aditya constantly doubts her moral values raising his voice and hands at her.

Living a life equal to hell, Meera hopes that the dawn of happiness- togetherness would show. But alas, the demon behaviour in Aditya was roaring mercilessly.

Not only does Aditya treat her at the worst ways possible but he splits his mannerisms when Meera’s patience become flushed in vein. Aditya becomes the best person, turns into a true lover and an honest man when he see the opportunities of being caught for his deeds are maximum.

This vicious cycle of abusing and making up for his mistakes continues until the time Meera becomes helpless and decides to take a stand.

Honestly, every reader would feel an unbordered anger and pain reading this book.

The language is well descriptive there is no chance of you not understanding. But what I felt that the story could have been little fast. The narrative initially was usual and felt like a love story. But the main essence or purpose of the book is held high.

The story of the book is about growth, healing, hope and victory. It showcases the storm between Meera’s inner goodness that constantly try to find one plus point in her partner and her brain that indicates to leave him and fight against her wrongs.

I wish the author a hearty congratulations on her third book and I also applaud her for writing upon a grivious issue .

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A computer student by profession who seeks solace in the words of the turning pages or the life she feels inspired by. Writer|Blogger|Dreamer.

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