Malwa, the Sultanate that sat surrounded by the Mughals to the north, the Gujarat kingdom to the West and the Gond rulers to the South, like an enticing woman surrounded by lustful suitors.| Mandu by Malathi Ramachandran

MANDU by MALATHI RAMACHANDRAN brings an amalgamation of royalty, grandeur and love, spilling the beans Western Ghats and it’s influence over music- both Hidustani and Islamic. It presents the mature , mutual love and respect that Baz Bahadur- the Sultan of Malwa and the beautiful commoner, farmer daughter Roopmati share that remained untalked through the pages of history.

MANDU set in the flourished land of Malwa is surrounded by the Mughals, Gonds rulers and many other accomplished kingdoms. The history of this royal land is perceived with utmost beauty. The book is detailed , well researched with precise delicateand rawness. There are parts of the book where Baz Bahadur rethinks his past of his father Shijaat Khan declared Malwa as independent kingdom. The hierarchy of the Mughal empire is beautifully showcased.

There are reflection of Baz Bahadur’s rough past thst disturbs him in tree slumber about his brothers – one exiled and other estranged. He’s often found lost in his thoughts recollecting on the uncertain state of affairs that his late father handed over the kingdom and how he was married to Hiba, the now Sultana. The feeling of a failed vanquished love in marriage is felt when Baz gives the readers his disinterest in her, for not knowing any of his passions.

The maiden Roopmati is a dedicated Hindustani music practitioner. She is a down-to-earth child devoted to Old father and grandmother. She knows what is right and wrong. She also patronise music on the first aim. Initially doubts Baz’s intentions but later falls in love with him and did two lovebirds becomes one mind making the royal affair. Perhaps this attention of Baz towards Roopmati is not at all accepted by Hiba and her mother , they plot ways to abolish Roopmati from Mandu.

The bond between Baz Bahadur and rupmati is crafted with at most dedicated and maturity. Their love flourishes among their interest intellect and philosophies full stop the conversation on ART cultured blooms around their acceptance for each other and readers witness the phenomenal sensuous chemistry of physical relation. The relationship is personified by the sweet little gestures of gratitude and play full personalities. Baz Bahadur is faithful to his words for the median and have a mixed feeling of fearlessness attractiveness and spellbound respect for her artistic phase.

Mandu brings a poetic edge to the blooming Romance. It takes off unbounded emotions of love and music there’s also an unconditional precision and grace that presents friendship , jealousy and a troubled past on the other hand.

The perspective of bringing this book is refreshing with the effective historical elements touched upon full stop it has become one of my favourite reads in a long time.

I would thank the author for being so patient and cooperating with me according to my style of reviewing.

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