My goodwishes and hopes to all my lovely readers. I hope you and your beloveds are safe during this time of pandemic. Hope, you are reading this blog while “inside your home”.  #STAYHOMESTAYSAFE.

I felt this for a long time that whenever I’m with my family , I get more time to influence myself with various good ways .. being at work snatches the opportunity to observe love and find love in my unexpected situations.

I have always imagined to h become a dog owner on all those moments when my friends move hands on the pet’s hair and I on the other hand would just stand afar in an awestruck face and awkwardness in brain. I was thinking about it for a long to imagine myself as a dog lover and write something relatable and comforting this quarantine.. so here it goes..

A poem for my labrador!

“I believe in belongingness

and that I guess

I could find within a dog

named kukku.

sweeter than his name

and humbler than humane

Then I knew,

why this being

is considered more as a friend.

Dogs don’t need big homes

they need a shanty space

amongst those many places

that’s always remained undiscovered

and importantly they need

the warm of your chest

and a bit of attention

all these little things

would make a dog

a bigger part of your family

and undoubtedly the favourite of all.

So this boy of mine, Kakku

has been my patient listener

and my all time soft cuddler.

Life becomes easier to deal with paws

rather than the hands

because they don’t understand betrayal that the hands does!

Kukku is like the spring

who brightens my day

casting an endless joy.

He’s the winter blanket

whose warmth makes

me and my siblings fight overnight

all the time.

Kakku has become adjusted to the terrible fashion sense I carry

so during important conference events I let him choose clothing for me. I must say & admit this in fact that like my mother he has an awesome taste of fashion!

In the times of quarantine, his innocence has still kept me alive. It’s been three years since I saw him first time & my eyes don’t get tired seeing his enthusiasm.

Now that we both are stuck at home we depend on each other.

I’m sure we are each other’s best entertainers, it’s like I throw a ball in some random place almost blindly and Kukku brings it back- breaking few things & definitely banging his head here & there!

It’s been a bond far more than I imagined

and in Kakku I found my happiness even when he’s scratching his back, his ears twitching or acting sharply on any bad comments from opposite neighbour Aunty.

When I see him

through the vision pane

after the dull day with clients and many more projects on my bag

I know that he’s standing right at the door smelling my body fragrance

I oppose to see him & his cute little brain thinks of certain crimes he committed last night.

and when I come to adore him he shrugs his face sometimes or maybe just licks my face out of happiness.

There are moments like a long work tour that makes me think only about him. I want to see him all day long, rather started incomplete without him.

I wish Google could translate

even a ‘woof!woof!

So that I could understand from afar what are his needs!”

This cutie has made my day!

Published by Bookalicious.sapien

A computer student by profession who seeks solace in the words of the turning pages or the life she feels inspired by. Writer|Blogger|Dreamer.

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