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So basically I’m a tremendously slow reader. But that doesn’t mean I don’t read at all. I basically read Indian authors & among them Savi Sharma writings have enlightened my thoughts .

Her latest book Stories We Never Tell is full of hopes & goodness. It guides the wanderer to fix a home for thoughts. This book shoves a ray towards recovery, it beliefs that every individual has the aura of positivitism & will unveil it as the time comes.

Jhanvi, the female protagonist, is broken yet beautiful amongst her million followers. She has a life of an influencer but Can she virtualize her reality of her three broken relationships? Loving someone elsethan your family is something though, I think so. Love take times of understanding ,confidence to trust your partner. You ought to sacrifice something to genuinely get something. No, Jhanvi wasn’t that kinda girl really. She maintained her priorities over her love.. the lover must have had waited endlessly whereas she was busy searching for followers and popularity among the youths. Maybe was the purpose that she made for herself.

Been on the deathbed maybe made her realise how important living the life is. Dr Shyam made it sure that this girl of so much vulnerabilities recovered & discovered real love with Ashray. Now, I guess he must be thinking of how uncannily he played a cupid to Jhanvi new paged love story.

On the other hand Ashray the male protagonist of the story has always been been struggling through thick and thin along with his Maa . An orphan initially , was adopted by a lady Akshita who turned to a mother after a few conversations and meetings with Ashray as a kid. Akshita gives her sweet child all the family love and both, the mother-son duo weaves dreams to fulfill together. This mother-son duo is precious possession to the storyline. Rishi is yet another charming personality ,that Ashray is blessed having a friend like him. I guess ,we all need a Rishi in our lives,to make it more happening. And not just happening, didn’t he care ai much for this lost Ashray? Rishi was always there in all ups & downs, from fulfilling dream apartment to taking Ashray’s Maa to hospital. Today’s selfish world must respect such beings. Sakshi is a negligible girl in Ashray’s life. Poor Sakshi! She couldn’t understand the worth of a true love like Ashray. No matter how much good natured, he was . Still.. don’t you think Ashray’s shouldn’t have faced relationship rejections for the first time, first love been always special? Or maybe it was needed ,to face the real music.

Death of a parent is a hard reality. I know it because I saw my parents suffer from the same pain Ashray had felt. God should have called his Maa so early, na? He just started working, earning & fulfilling dreams. Ashray was already broken, Maa’s lose made it more treacherous. My question to Ashray was, did he had to blame Sakshi? It might be her decision to leave him. It wasn’t her plan for his mother’s death. Dr Shyam made it sure that this man of so much concerns and respect recovered from the panic attacks . He always knew that medicines are not always helpful when it comes to healing from personal losses. Due to this doctor he discovered real love, maybe friendship with Jhanvi . Now, I guess he must be thinking of how uncannily he played a cupid to Ashray’s new paged love story.

In total I found serenity,seeking into two individuals lives . I found giving life its priority. I now think whatif I befriend life more than prioritize other’s. In a world of loss ,darkness.. let’s discover stories of hope, light & recovery!

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A computer student by profession who seeks solace in the words of the turning pages or the life she feels inspired by. Writer|Blogger|Dreamer.

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