What’s the identity of a nomad?

I belong to a family who change cities 2-3years, where a parent works in the government office.
From the time of birth I’m moving ,completing almost every state & six cities approximately. I don’t complain about what’s the situation of my education..because that’s almost like 8-9 schools already..
But what I doubt is, where do I originally belong from? It is a question that puts me on crisis of words when people ask me.. To this I think to myself where do I actually belong.. Do I belong to the subtle mess of the Mumbai beach or among the dry zyphyr & dusty roads of Latur township. It seems like I am the song that play on the Ganesh utsav of Nasik, Pune. It’s like surreal how much I groove myself on a Marathi number, as if it’s me..
Am I a person to dance my way through the pujor dhaak tune or just gulp another spicy tacky paani puri in the not so urban street of Kolkata retreat. Those ancient hubs of gathering in the oldest coffee shop still keeps me intact from Tagore’s breath throughout. The peripheral of the monuments haven’t changed a bit of a nostalgic feeling.
Sometimes I’m overwhelmed when the electricity is gone, feels like I have resumed my stay in my old Silchar stuffs. It was restless & chaotic.. Animal like hen & cow would give me vibe to a city in mockery.
Though I just measured few terms like
Illa‘ & ‘Ninna hesarenu’ in kannada still this city didn’t let me regret, perhaps my return.. A chill through my spine I still feel the pain when I was claustrophobic in the mid of an unlike language community ..Thanks to this wonderful city which has actually taught me English, orelse I don’t see myself anywhere near to the people of thos city. I shall be honest that somehow the city of Bangalore accepted me as I was,with the softness of the wind, mesmerised me and I’m still devoted to the city. Believe me or not Bangalore has created me as a person.
I still remember, I cried my heart out.. the day I was leaving Bangalore firstly it had become my second favourite place in India, first favourite place would always be Mumbai & secondly I was too attached for the place. I haven’t cried for a friend let alone a whole city.
But then, God dragged me closer to himself and I landed in Kanpur..city of ambitions and little scopes of florishment. I had a bumpy ride in here..Adulting was constantly hitting me and I had to choose between this enjoying adulthood or shaping my career. I stuck at many & aced at some. I wouldn’t have a peace unless I enjoyed my colonial events be it during my exams season.. my reaction to my parents pleadings were like..huh..what so ever.
A tiny stage of perfect rectangle would give my eternal joy of standing and performing there to the songs that went somewhere unheard unveiling the emotional qutions of girls mind. Yes i was never a dancer but that little piece of amour did made me one. That stage was my soul bae. I lived it & it accepted me too.
All these cities have stayed by my side what so ever, come it rain ,sun or storm.. it has been teaching me yet what actually a hardship is. Through the lanes and gallies I belong to everywhere I’m comfortably proud. Specially because I had always stayed within India.
In Ganga I personified the greatness of mother figure. With Bhramaputra I found love like seven sibling sisters. To Kaveri and Godavari I structured an unbiased friendship, that elongated together through thick and thin.
In general, I feel the Sampoorna.

Ps: ‘Sampoorna’ means integrated & complete.

‘Illa’ &’Ninna hesarenu’ are kannada technologies that mean No &What’s your name respectively.

~Anandarupa Chakrabarti

Published by Bookalicious.sapien

A computer student by profession who seeks solace in the words of the turning pages or the life she feels inspired by. Writer|Blogger|Dreamer.

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